When Facebook says goodbye to its “lifestyle” page

Posted February 15, 2018 09:00:00By now, most of you know about Facebook’s new “lifestyles” section, where you can see a few pictures of your most recent purchase, and you can swipe left or right to browse your Facebook feed.

If you’re like me, you may have noticed that some of those pictures have Facebook branding on them, too.

But before you start wondering why this is, it’s important to know that the page has nothing to do with your Facebook profile picture.

It’s a way to let your friends know you like what they’re seeing on Facebook, and to let them know you are on the lookout for the best deals.

And that’s why it’s called the “liven” section.

This new section will be available on the new “Lifestyle” tab, in the “Lifestyles and news” section of your “Likes” list, just like any other section.

If your friends are already using Facebook to find new stuff to buy or add to their profile, it will be there too.

So long as you’re a friend of someone who likes what you’re doing, the “feedlifestyle,” “likes” and “loves” sections are the best place to find those deals.

In theory, the new section should help Facebook keep tabs on people like you, since your friends will be able to easily find you when they’re on the go, or browsing Facebook on the road.

But the problem is, Facebook is not making sure that people like your friends and family on the same page will be as easy to find on the “livestream” feature.

While Facebook will make it easier to find your friends if you’ve posted in the new sections, it has no plans to extend that functionality to the new lifestyle section, at least not until it sees the feedback from people who use the new content.

Facebook said that its goal with the new features is to make it easy for people to find content in the news feed that’s relevant to them, and not just stuff you find on Facebook itself.

But Facebook is also trying to make sure that when you go into “lives” on Facebook the content is the same, with the same branding, but Facebook has not specified how to do that.

The new section is just the latest move by Facebook to try to get people on the platform to buy stuff they don’t already own.

In April, Facebook said it would be offering new “payments” features to customers to help them pay for their purchases, including coupons, discounts and other deals.

In June, it announced a “pay with your smartphone” program to give people more options to buy on the site, including paying with cash, credit cards, Paypal or PayPal cards.

But those paid offerings are all optional, and are only available in the U.S. and the U: they won’t be available in Australia or New Zealand.

Facebook has also been offering its “pay and go” offerings to pay customers for things like movies and music, as well as “pay what you want” or “pay for what you see” services.

These paid offerings, which are available only in the US, are also the only ones Facebook has said will work in the world’s biggest country.

While it’s not clear how the new pages will work with the pay-what-you-want programs, Facebook has been promising that it will let people pay for everything they see on the newsfeed.

In the next few weeks, it says it will also start to add new features to the pay and go programs, like “Livestream,” which lets you watch videos in your Facebook app while you’re at work or on the move.

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