How to make $300,000 in a year in tech — for free

Techies can make a lot of money working for a startup — if they can find a way to get a degree from one.

That’s the goal of a new program that teaches techies how to get the degree.

The new program, called Learn to Earn, offers free college credits and some job training.

The program launched Thursday in Los Angeles, Boston and New York.

Learn to Empower Your Techies program says the goal is to help “young people make their first steps in the tech economy.”

For this, the program is partnering with the College of William & Mary.

The College of the William & Mary is the largest liberal arts institution in the United States.

The students who enroll in the program will get a certificate, and a certificate in engineering.

They’ll also get a $100,000 scholarship to attend a selective college, the school says.

Learn To Earn’s director, Michelle Lee, told The Huffington Post the program was launched because she and her co-founder, Paul Shattuck, wanted to help more young people make the leap from tech to the real world.

“I know that the tech bubble is bursting, and I know that we have an incredibly talented and committed workforce, but we also need to make sure that young people who have the skills and experience that are required for a job can get a good education and be prepared to go into the real economy,” Lee said.

The goal of the program, according to Lee, is to train young people to be entrepreneurs and help them get the education they need to be successful in the real, competitive job market.

The aim is to teach them how to learn, work, and succeed, Lee said, adding that the program has received praise from the President of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Hunt, and from former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Lee said the program doesn’t aim to replace the college’s program.

But she says she hopes it helps educate young people about the process of starting a business, how to apply for jobs, and the importance of a college degree.

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