How Udemy helped create a startup from scratch

By Nick Parnass | Fox News | October 16, 2018 07:16:24The company behind a $3 billion online education company says it is making progress on the launch of a mobile app that will help students get a better grasp of what it takes to be a successful business online.

In a blog post Tuesday, Udemy said the app, called Udemy Connect, will be available for Apple and Android devices in the second half of 2018.

The company said it will also be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“We’re working hard to get our app on Android and iOS devices, and the app will also work on the web,” the post said.

The post said the mobile app will be able to help students navigate their way through Udemy courses, which offer courses that cover a range of subjects including finance, marketing, sales and accounting.

Udemy Connect also will help business owners build and manage their online businesses, including a tool that lets students see the revenue from sales, business partnerships and online advertising.

The app will allow students to see how much money they’ve made and the expenses incurred, and help them figure out how much more to charge for their business, Udney said.

It will also let students see how their courses are performing, including how much time they’ve spent online, how many people are taking them, and how many courses have passed their completion criteria.

The online education industry is in the midst of a period of consolidation, with many smaller companies competing with the big name companies.

It’s also a time when schools like Udemy are struggling to compete with a rapidly growing number of online companies, which are seeking to compete on quality, affordability and accessibility.

Udyed also said that the app would offer free and paid versions of its courses, allowing users to customize their courses to fit their own needs.

Uddyed said it is working to get its app into as many hands as possible as soon as possible, but it will need the support of partners to do that.

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