When the media are just bad news and bad stories don’t win any awards

A new study has found that news that is just bad can be even worse than bad news.

It suggests that when the media have an agenda and the public is just confused, bad news wins the day.

The study, published in the journal Science, found that bad news is more likely to get traction and more often gets promoted.

The bad news was published to promote the new drug or product.

It’s not a coincidence that bad stories often get promoted to drive more sales, said study co-author Dr Stephen Jones, a psychologist at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

He said the researchers had no idea what the agenda was behind the research.

“We’ve just found out the agenda of the news organisations,” Dr Jones said.

“It’s not that we wanted to find out how much bad news gets published, but how much good news gets promoted.”

Bad news can also have more negative effects on society.

The researchers used data from the World Health Organisation’s World Health Report to analyse news coverage of Ebola and other diseases.

The report showed that countries with a low level of reporting of news about Ebola tended to have more cases.

“The news media may be promoting this as good news,” Dr Saman Jaffer, a media researcher at King’s College London, told the BBC.

“But it’s not.

It can be a real burden on society.”

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