A fashion designer in the US has become the first designer to receive a federal patent for a wearable sensor

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent for wearable tech that could potentially detect and react to heartbeats. 

The wearable sensor technology, which has not been publicly revealed, could be used in devices that detect heartbeast activity in hospitals, medical facilities and other healthcare settings, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The company, known as Vibrant, has previously developed sensors for the healthcare industry and was one of the first to patent a wearable heart-monitoring system.

This new patent covers the use of sensors in a range of devices, including medical monitoring devices, wearable devices for wearable devices and devices for monitoring electrical activity in medical devices, according the report.

The company has also developed a range to detect heartbeat patterns and have patents for heart-rate monitoring in wristbands, wrist-bands for wristbands and wristbands for devices for wristband monitoring.

Vibrant is based in San Francisco and is looking to expand its business to a wider audience.

It was founded by a former fashion designer and a former Google engineer.

Vibration sensors are already being used in smartwatches and in a number of smart home devices including thermostats, lighting and air conditioners.

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