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Best business books: A new poll from Mashable reveals which business book is actually the best book to learn the ropes of being a business owner.

We asked the same question last year, but the answers have shifted significantly in the last year.

We asked our readers to pick a book from a list of about 50 best business and business related books.

Our readers came out with an average of 13.2 best business/business related books per year.

The majority of our readers picked books from the best-selling authors on the list, including:Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Gebbia, Peter Thiel, Peter Kafka, Jeff Bezos, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

And there are several new books in the works that could have even more impact on business books.

“When you’re talking about books that are a combination of business and personal, I’m really excited about the possibilities in terms of personal ownership and the possibilities for growth,” said Lauren Osterberg, vice president of sales and marketing at Smashwords.

“You’re starting to see more and more of these book authors getting into the business of books as well.

There are many more books being written, which will help the authors to continue to develop their work and to grow the sales of their books.”

While Smashwords is excited to see the impact of books like The Startup Book series and the upcoming book The Entrepreneur’s Next Door: An Insider’s Guide to Creating a Successful Business, the real stars of the book club are the bestselling authors who also get to write their own books.

We decided to start our poll by asking our readers which business books were the most successful books of all time, and the top five business books of 2018.

We’re guessing the top book of 2019 will be the winner, so we’ll keep it there.

Below, we’ve compiled a list with the top books on the bestseller list from each of the major business categories.

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