Why Apple’s Steve Jobs was a bad business leader

Apple’s legendary co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs became known for his ability to build brands and sell products.

“We know the value of innovation and we’re going to be innovative in the future,” he once said.

While Jobs was known for having a strong social media presence and his penchant for keeping tabs on the state of his company, he also brought a more business-like approach to business leadership, according to a recent Business Insider story.

During the company’s last quarter, Jobs’ Facebook and Twitter accounts posted more than 2.2 billion shares of stock each, according the article.

Despite the growth in social media followers, Jobs also used Twitter to deliver a more personal touch, according Business Insider.

He started the company in 1987 with just five employees.

The article noted that the social media posts were part of a larger effort to create a stronger corporate culture and focus on the “good stuff.”

Jobs’ social media activities helped his company achieve record revenue growth.

In a statement to Business Insider, Jobs said that he had no personal involvement in the company and that the company has no ties to his work.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also did not directly address the report.

But a tweet posted on Jobs’ account Tuesday afternoon by his daughter Lisa told employees that the “Jobs family” is “still in the fight.”

“Our team has been working tirelessly to continue building Apple into a world-class company,” the tweet said.

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