Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem in 2016 was her business email scandal

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Clinton Foundation were both caught off guard when they were first hit with new questions about the former secretary of state’s use of a private email server while she was at the State Department.

But the former first lady is now taking the heat off her and her husband, Bill Clinton, who’s now running for president, and her business dealings, with a new email bombshell from the Wall Street Journal.

The news comes just days after the Democratic nominee and her allies accused the Clinton campaign of having the wrong answers when it came to questions about whether or not the former president engaged in improper activity while in office.

In a new statement, the Clinton team says it was not the first time the campaign has received a request for help from the Clinton-aligned law firm BakerHostetler.

The statement says that the firm received “multiple” requests for information from the campaign on how to proceed.

“We did not receive the requests on the same day as the WSJ story,” the statement says.

“This is the first such request from a campaign official since August.

We also have never received such a request in the history of our firm.

“If we receive a response, we will provide it to the public.” “

The Clinton campaign is confident that the information requested by the law firm will be helpful in its investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use and misuse of the private server while at the Department of State,” the Clinton statement continues.

“If we receive a response, we will provide it to the public.”

It goes on to say that “we will be sharing any information that we receive from the law firms as we work to identify any additional questions and provide any additional information to the media.”

The new information comes as the Clintons are facing new questions on the former Democratic presidential nominee’s personal email setup while she served as secretary of State.

In August, the FBI announced it was reopening its investigation into whether or how the former President committed a crime by failing to comply with the department’s request to turn over his emails.

And on Tuesday, a federal judge ordered the former former President to turn his emails over to the State department for an audit.

In the latest bombshell, the Journal’s report alleges that in August, a senior Justice Department official asked the Clinton aide, Stephanie Cutter, to submit “an email containing a series of questions and answers” to an attorney representing the Clinton family.

The report says Cutter “repeatedly responded with a ‘no’ to the request.”

The former president’s lawyers have not commented on the report.

The Clinton campaign also confirmed the Journal report, but did not comment further.

The email, according to the Journal, was sent to the campaign’s political director, Jesse Ferguson, and a campaign aide.

The Journal says that “it is unclear if the email was forwarded to anyone other than Cutter.”

On Tuesday, the Clintons also said that they were working with the Justice Department to help the State Dept. investigate Cutter’s email requests.

“While we are aware of the FBI’s recent request for documents relating to Ms. Cutter, we have been in communication with the DOJ on their request, and are in the process of cooperating fully with their investigation,” the campaign said in a statement.

“As the FBI continues to work through the materials requested, we expect the State and the Justice Departments to share more information with the public as part of their investigation.”

The FBI is conducting an investigation into the former Clinton administration’s handling of the deadly Benghazi attack, and has also launched a probe into the Clinton Global Initiative, a Clinton-affiliated charity that helped former President Bill Clinton promote his charitable foundation.

Clinton and her team have long been criticized for failing to turn the State probe over to law enforcement.

On Tuesday night, the Democratic presidential candidate and her supporters lashed out at the media for reporting that the FBI was investigating the former Secretary of State’s email setup.

“That’s just not right,” Clinton said during a campaign event in Florida.

“They’re investigating her emails.

That’s not the kind of democracy we want in this country.”

She continued, “It is what it is.

That is what the law says.

I mean, this is a political witch hunt, and they’re trying to get the wrong person, and I think the American people, particularly with the people that voted for Hillary, are going to hold this campaign to account.”

The Clintons have also been accused of misusing their office.

Last year, Politico published an article about how former President Barack Obama had “used a personal email address for State Department business.”

It was revealed that Obama used a personal Gmail account, not the State.gov one that was used by the Clinton’s.

“There is no basis to suggest that he used a State.com email account for State business,” the White House press secretary told Politico.

“He used an official State.

S.E.C. email address to conduct State business.

There is no evidence that he was using a personal account at the

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