AT&T gets $6 billion from DirecTV for Directv, AT&P and other media company

AT&Ts bid was more than just a merger.

It also was the first major corporate takeover of a major U.S. media company, as AT&t and other telecoms seek to reshape their businesses and businesses as well as their markets.

The combined company, now called Direc­tiv, would be one of the largest media companies in the world.

It has been buying up smaller media companies to create a global reach.

AT&ts bid also comes after a tumultuous year for the media companies, which have seen their stock prices fall and lost a key ally in Congress after lawmakers voted down AT&s bid to buy Time Warner.AT&Ts CEO Randall Stephenson, who had said he would not bid for the merged company, told the Wall Street Journal that he was not surprised by the deal.

He said the merger would “bring more economic opportunity for the American people and help us to better compete for business, especially in digital and social media.”

He added that the merger was the result of a strategic plan that was built around a shared value proposition.

“The merger, which will take effect on Jan. 1, 2018, will allow AT&tm to acquire Direcv, which it bought in 2017 for $37 billion.

AT &ts already owns Direc and has an ownership stake in Comcast.AT &t is also expected to purchase video streaming service HBO Go, which is owned by Time Warner’s parent company, Charter Communications.

The company is already a major player in the video-streaming business, and it would expand its streaming offerings to include more channels.

AT, along with Comcast and Charter, has said it would be looking for a way to increase its value through the deal, which also includes a new cable television service, which would be available only to AT&tc customers.

AT is also looking for more revenue sharing in the deal and may have to increase prices to pay for the services.AT and Charter have been trying to buy Direcvs streaming service for a year.

The deal was expected to be announced during the third quarter of 2018.AT has also been pursuing an acquisition of satellite TV provider Dish Network.

The company has said that it will not acquire Dish Network, which has been in decline for years.

AT said the deal will not include any debt or cash.

AT was also rumored to be interested in buying a satellite TV company called Direxat.

Direcv CEO Scott Bricker told the WSJ that the deal was not a merger, and he did not have an estimate of how much the combined company would be worth.

He said that AT&tx will be “the largest U.s. media corporation in history” and that the company’s investment in Direcvy is “not just a media company but also a communications company, which means it will be able to connect people everywhere to the most powerful media.”

AT&trs CEO Randall, said that the combined entity would have the ability to bring about greater access to the Internet.”

We are focused on the future of the Internet, digital and local content. “

We are a global communications company.

We are focused on the future of the Internet, digital and local content.

And this is a great opportunity to help people everywhere.”

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