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When I first started my business I wanted to create a welcome packet for clients. So I designed a welcome letter, a terms and conditions sheet, and FAQ’s sheet. Then most of them sat unused in my Google Drive folder as I began onboarding new clients.

I love the idea of sending out welcome packets via snail mail but when it comes down to it I’m not going to make it happen. Since it’s not a regular part of my routine I often forget or don’t make the time.

Then it occurred to me that some of my clients are international. Even if I did send out a welcome packet by the time they receive the information we could have been working together for several weeks.

Finally, who needs more papers cluttering up their office space? Certainly not me and I’m guessing not my clients either.

Then one day it hit me, I should set up a digital welcome package. After a little brainstorming, I did just that. Then my next thought was I should tell you how to make it happen too.

What I Included

If you’re like me you want to know what people include when they tell me they’ve created an awesome tool to use for their business. I usually use their ideas as a jumping off point for building my own awesome business tool. Here’s my table of contents for my current digital welcome packet.

  • Welcome Letter
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Useful Links
  • Contact Info

I did not include customer specific documents. I’m working on building a client portal for each client. This portal will include customer specific documents and information.

The Setup

I set my digital welcome packet up using the Google Sites function in Google Drive. You may have a system you’re already using that works better for you. I created a page for each of the topics listed above. Then I used the text box option to add my content and published for viewing. Now I can share the link to my digital welcome packet with clients via email or client portal.

Digital Welcome Packet Inspiration


Kelli is the COO or Captain of Operations at Even Keel Ops. Her passion is helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs get their operations organized. When she’s not busy helping others unload their overwhelm you can find her on the beach with a book.
Digital Welcome Packet
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