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Email Marketing System Transfer

You’ve been using MailChimp, Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, or some other email marketing system to grow your list but you’ve reached a point where you need something different.

The problem is transferring your list to a new platform is overwhelming.

Setting up the new system, getting new subscribers there, and importing your list from MailChimp. You’re not sure where to start. Or how you’ll get it all done while being the creative badass that you are.

I can make that transition feel a lot less overwhelming.

  • Export information from old email marketing system
  • Setup new email marketing system
  • Test new email marketing system
  • Point new subscribers to new email marketing system
  • Import existing subscribers to new email marketing system

400 USD

When I hired Kelli, I knew moving my email marketing from ConvertKit to Active Campaign would be an important project that I needed to hand off. Kelli was able to quickly assess what I needed to do, documented and backed up all my data, and created my new system in Active Campaign with ease. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently she accomplished each step while guiding me through the considerations I needed to understand as the CEO of my business. I would confidently recommend hiring Kelli for transferring your email marketing, as well as any other projects she can take on to make your business run more smoothly. I wish I had hired her sooner!

Cara Chace

Sales Funnel Automation Support

As a creative badass sales funnel automation sounds like a dirty word to you.

Who has time to spend setting up the things that go with sales funnel automation? Certainly not a creative badass like you.

Terms like newsletters, automations, tags, segments, and sequences have your creative head spinning.

Hop of the sales funnel automation merry-go-round with my sales funnel automation support package.

  • Setup new sales funnels in your email marketing system
  • Test new sales funnels in your email marketing system
  • Edit and schedule regular email communication (ie newsletters)
  • Set up and install new forms
  • Manage Tags and Segments

99 USD per month

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