Done For You Operations Manual

What’s up badass? Feeling totally overwhelmed by all the moving parts and pieces involved in the non-creative side of your business?

Maybe you’re ready for some time off, but you’re not sure how your business will function without you.

You could even be ready to hire a freelance assistant or employee, but you have no idea how to incorporate someone else into your business.

Whether your business is big or small, online or brick and mortar you need an ops manual.

An ops manual will help you create efficiency in your business giving you a solid foundation to build on. Not only that it can help you prepare to hand off some of your business related tasks so you can take a break or just continue to grow!

Here are some examples of items included in your ops manual:

  • Documented workflows
  • Business templates (contracts, social media, workbooks, cheat sheets, etc.)
  • As seen on/in links
  • Systems list
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Yearly business planning
  • Quarterly goal tracking
  • Brand info and visuals

The list of what can be included in your ops manual is endless and specific to your business.

With my done for you ops manual we will work together to build out an online ops manual customized for your business.

We’ll document all the information you use to keep your business going. Then I will help you set your ops manual up online in a way that makes it easy to reference and easy to share.

You’ll feel a lot less overwhelmed, and you’ll be ready to hand off your business to someone who can help when you need it.

Ready to get started?

  • Two 30 minute get to know your business calls
  • Custom report with ops manual content suggestions
  • Up to 20 workflow documents with efficiency suggestions
  • Blank workflow template for continued maintenance
  • Creation of ops manual in system of your choice
  • Upload and organization of ops manual info in your new ops manual system
  • Use and maintenance action plan

*There will be client homework with this project. The more quickly you finish your client homework the more quickly we can complete building your ops manual. 

500 USD

Let's Work On That Ops Manual!

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