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One of my favorite things is getting a behind the scenes look at how someone runs their business. You neve know what great ideas you might be able to steal. So today I’m giving you a sneak peek at my Trello boards.

I run my entire business via Trello and some of my personal life too. It’s the system I’ve found that currently works for me. Before we dive in I should mention that my boards are working boards. They change as I find new information that I need to track.

2017 Business Plan Board

Part of running a business is planning for the year ahead. The first quarter of this year I did all planning on paper. It wasn’t working for me so I set out to create a business plan board in Trello that worked for me.

Trello Business Planning

The Breakdown

  • 2017 – The Plan – The top card in this list is for my big picture goals. The cards that follow are Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Each quarter card contains a checklist with the small goals I need to achieve each quarter to get to my big picture goals.
  • Maybe Someday – Big dreams, maybe someday or maybe not.
  • In the Works – Things I’m working on right now to get me to my big picture goal.
  • Wants – Things I want to invest in for my business

Editorial Board

Easily my favorite board. This board keeps me on target with my content creation. I start by brainstorming on paper (is there any other way) then move each idea to its own card. As I need to create new content I can refer to my idea cards instead of struggling to figure out what to write about.

Trello Editorial Board

The Breakdown

  • Swipe File – If I’m stuck coming up with ideas these posts by other awesome bloggers get my juices flowing.
  • Post ideas – Each card in this list has one idea that I can turn into a blog post.
  • Outlined/Drafted – All outlines still live in my notebook. I do my best work on paper. By moving the idea card to outline/drafted I know the idea is ready for creation when I’m ready. I very rarely save posts as drafts but it does happen now and then.
  • Scheduled – This means I’ve checked off every item in my blog post creation process up to the point of having the post scheduled. When a post makes it to the scheduled list it’s assigned a due date or the date the post is scheduled. Trello notifies me that my post has published and I can continue on with my editorial process.
  • Post and Promote – I promote a post over a couple of weeks. As I do I check off each item in the remaining part of my blog post creation process. Making sure to update the due date so I get Trello reminders things need attention.
  • Tools and Processes – Creating a card with the blog post creation checklist allows me to copy the checklist to each idea card. I can update this master checklist as I need to add new steps. The tools card is just that. A list of tools I use during the creation of my blog posts.
  • Done – It’ done, all items on the checklist have been checked off.

Operations Manual

This board houses all the important information about Even Keel Ops. I reference this board often as an easy repository for information I need to run my business.

Trello Operations Manual

The Breakdown

  • EKO Vision – Recently added this will be where I house my mission statement, values, and manifesto. I’ve created them all on paper I just need to transfer them to Trello
  • EKO Processes – This list houses checklists for all my process and workflows. It’s where I house all my process documents.
  • Other – Documents I find useful in running my business that do not currently fit under another list.
  • Courses/Membership Info – A record of all the courses and memberships I have invested in for my business.
  • Website/SM Links – So far I have only added my FB page here. Updating this list will be top priority on my next scheduled work on  Even Keel Ops business day.
  • As Seen On (TV) – Okay not TV. Other people’s websites. This list stores links to all my posts in all the places.
  • Swipe Files – Content I love that inspires me.
  • Testimonials – Copies of the words from people who love me.

Social Media Content

If you read my post about planning a year of social media content you might notice a difference in my board now vs. my board then. Then I organized my board by day, now it’s organized by content type. I’m going with more of a random strategy so I reorganized the board to suit that strategy.

Trello Social Media

The Breakdown

  • Quotes – Words that speak to me
  • Blog Posts – Graphics and links to my blog posts
  • Tips – Tips to make your business life easier
  • Questions – Things I want to know about you and your business
  • Mantras – Words that describe me and my personality
  • Service Spotlight – What I can do for you
  • Feature Friday – Changed to weekly wins as I created this post. Graphics for sharing my weekly wins on my Facebook Page.
  • IG Tags – I got tired of trying to remember relevant tags. So I made a list and a card just for hashtags.


The board I use most often in my day to day business world. Since implementing my to-do board I’ve upped my productivity substantially.

Trello To-Do

The Breakdown

  • To-Do – This board is connected via Zapier to a to-do list Google Sheet created by one of my clients. If she adds a task to that list Zapier creates a matching to-do card on this Trello list.
  • Days of the Week – Sunday through Saturday are on the board. I use Trellists to hide the weekend days unless I really need to get something done on one of those days. I like my weekends’ pressure and to-do free when possible.
  • Routine Cards – I’ve divided my list up into one-time to-dos and routine to-dos. One-time to-do cards are above the routine cards and routine to-do cards are below. One-time to-do cards are archived as completed. Routine to-do cards are moved to the next day they need to be completed.

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek at my Trello boards let me know how you use your Trello boards. Ready to get started with Trello but not sure where to start? Grab my business planning board template below!

Trello Business Planning Template


Kelli is the COO or Captain of Operations at Even Keel Ops. Her passion is helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs get their operations organized. When she’s not busy helping others unload their overwhelm you can find her on the beach with a book.
Trello Boards | Business Operations
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