Trello | Social Media Planning

Last week when I told you about The 6 Free Tools I Use To Run My Business I mentioned that I used Trello to help me plan and organize a year’s worth of social media content across all of the social media platforms that I use for my business.  As a Virtual Assistant who offers to manage social media content for small business owner’s I think it’s very important to be on top of my own social media game. What better way to show someone I know how to manage their social media content than to manage my own like it’s part of my job?

Before I found Trello I struggled with storing my content in a way that made sense. I also lacked the ability to manage the content I was creating. Once I found Trello it took some brainstorming to figure out how to make it work for what I wanted. That’s part of the beauty of Trello you can customize it to fit your business needs.

Set Up A Board For Each Of The Social Media Platforms You Are Using

I am currently active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for my business. My boards are titled Instagram Content Management, Twitter, Content Management, and Facebook Contact Management. I made each board a different color because I like color in my work life, it spices things up. You can leave your boards all the same color if you prefer uniformity.

Set Up Cards In A Way That Works For You

Cards act like your column headings but with more detail. My Instagram and Facebook Cards are set up by the day of the week I plan to post content on. Since the sharing rules of Twitter are a little different I set up my Twitter Cards with the titles 3K VA Content and Other Content. Some of my cards include step by step checklists associated with each day or task. While others include labels which I’ll go into later. The ability to add details to my column headings was a big plus for me.

Create Notes Under Each Card

Notes act as the storehouse for each of my social media post ideas. Note cards can include the title of your post, graphics you are going to use with your post, the copy you want to use with that specific graphic, the link you want your audience to follow if you are linking to a blog post or someone else’s content. If you want to assign due dates you have that option too. The best part about cards is that they can be re-ordered on their existing board as well as moved or copied to other boards. I copied my Monday Instagram Card to my Facebook board and with a little editing of the graphics attached to each note and some reordering of the Notes I saved myself a ton of time in duplicate work.

Create Labels That Make Sense

Another option Trello offers it the ability to make labels for each board. My Trello board labels are based on two things the subject matter each Card or Note is dealing with and whether or not I have posted that specific piece of content or not. The Cards and Notes can be filtered by their attached labels so you only see what you’re looking for. Say I wanted to find a content idea about bookkeeping that I had not yet posted, using the Filter Card option I can avoid digging trough all my content ideas to find just the right Note.

It this a LOT of work? Hell yes! Will you save you valuable time over the next year? Yes, lots and lots of time. Not only that if you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your content or even a Social Media Manager to manage your entire social media experience you will easily be able to add them to your already created boards making the transition for you to them super simple.

Swipe Social Media Trello Template!


Kelli is the COO or Captain of Operations at Even Keel Ops. Her passion is helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs get their operations organized. When she’s not busy helping others unload their overwhelm you can find her on the beach with a book.
Trello | Social Media Planning
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